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Tips for recovering your plants after the summer

Summer can be a difficult season for your plants. Heat, drought and prolonged sun exposure can leave them exhausted and in need of recovery once fall arrives. Here are some essential tips to help your plants recover after summer and prepare them for fall and winter.

Water properly: During the summer, you may have had to increase the frequency of watering due to high temperatures and rapid evaporation of water. As fall arrives, gradually reduce the amount of water you give your plants. Make sure the substrate dries out slightly between waterings to avoid root rot problems.

Pruning: Late summer is a good time to prune your plants. Remove damaged or wilted parts and shape the plant as needed. This will stimulate healthy new growth before the cold season.

Fertilizing: Provide your plants with a balanced fertilizer to aid in their recovery. Fall is an active growing season for many plants, and a nutrient boost can be beneficial.

Cold protection: As temperatures drop in the fall, protect your plants from frost. You can cover them with blankets or cloths at night or move pots to a warmer location if possible.

Recovering your plants after summer requires patience and care, but the effort will be worth it when you see them thrive during the fall and winter season.