About us


Omotesandō was born from a combination of love for plants, the desire to start a new project and a trip to Japan. It was in Tokyo where we discovered the kokedama. Kokedama means moss ball and the Japanese invented the technique more than 500 years ago.

We loved it aesthetically and the idea behind it and that's why we decided to bring it over here. In November 2018 we created Omotesandō Plants. And is that Omotesandō is precisely, the name of a neighborhood in Tokyo. What is the idea behind the kokedama? That of bringing a piece of nature into your home.

In September 2019, we will also start making Garden in a Bowl. The best part? They are very easy to care for. They only need to be watered... once a year! In January 2020 we introduce the "Va de roses" models, made with roses and natural freeze-dried moss.

If you like a challenge, you can order one of our Do It Yourself garden packs in a bowl or kokedama - you'll love it!

We also have many types of potted plants. Perfect for gifts or to start a small (or big) urban jungle.

Want to know more about us? Contact us at info@omotesandoplants.com