About us


Omotesandō was born from a combination of love for plants, the desire to start a new project and a trip to Japan. It was in Tokyo where we discovered kokedamas.

Kokedama means moss ball and the Japanese invented this technique more than 500 years ago. Making a kokedama consists of planting a plant in a natural pot and allows you to have a piece of nature at home.

We loved both the aesthetics and the concept behind it, and so we decided to bring it over here. In November 2018 we created Omotesandō Plants, a brand that aims to bring a piece of nature into your home. This philosophy is the basis of all the elaborations we have been incorporating over time; the kokedamas, the gardens in a bowl, the compositions made with preserved roses from our "Va de rosas" collection and our dried flower bouquets Ginza.

We want to bring nature into your home in every possible way. That's why we offer a variety of resources for plant lovers. We have written a book called "Kokedamas and Gardens in a Bowl. A piece of nature at home", we offer a course at Domestikacourse, and we share tutorials on our YouTube channel. We also organize in-person workshops in our workshop-shop in Sant Cugat del Vallès for a more practical experience.

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Want to know more about us? Contact us at info@omotesandoplants.com