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Father's Day Gifts

Father's Day is approaching, and finding the perfect gift can be a challenge. If you don't know what to give, our kokedamas, terrariums o roses can be a very original natural detail to give this day. These elements are not only a perfect detail, but they are also very original and beautiful to decorate any space.


The kokedama is a Japanese art that means "moss ball". It consists of making a ball of soil and moss around the roots of a plant, instead of using a common pot. In Omotesandō, we create kokedamas with different plants, in this video we show you some of them! At our website you can also see all the available models.

Terrariums or gardens in a bowl

The terrariums or gardens in a bowl are mini ecosystems built in glass containers. These plant compositions create an ideal microclimate for the development and growth of plants with minimal maintenance - they only need to be watered once a year!

At Omotesandō, we create terrariums in various shapes and sizes. Here are some of our models. At our website you will also be able to see all the ones we have available.

Everlasting roses

Our roses are preserved and do not require any type of care. These eternal flowers have gone through a process in which their sap and water have been replaced by a preserving liquid. This ensures that the roses will remain flawless for years without the need for watering, although it is important to keep them out of direct sunlight. At Omotesandō, we create unique creations with these roses, presenting them in various containers and formats. Here we show you some of them, in our website you can see them all!