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Some of our work

At Omotesandō we also specialize in custom orders for companies. Over time, we have had the pleasure of collaborating with various companies, creating products tailored to their needs and projects. Below, we share some examples of the work we have done.


For the company Audemars we designed a special terrarium inspired by the Brassus Forest in Switzerland, where the brand was born. We decided to incorporate some pieces of slate stone in the design to symbolize the beginnings of the brand, since the materials of their first watches were made from a very characteristic stone of this forest.


For the company Samsung, we carried out a special order of our gardens in a customized Natura Gins bowl. Samsung was celebrating the launch of the Galaxy S23 series, not only in the real world, but also in the virtual environment of Minecraft. For this project we made a design with figures inspired by this game.


For the company Cleverea, we made a special custom order of our Fit Mini product. Using the laser engraving technique, we marked the company's logo on all the cork stoppers of this model.


For the company Hikvision we also made a customized order of our product Fit Mini. Using the laser engraving technique, we incorporated the company logo on all the cork stoppers of this model.

Other company orders

We also do large-scale orders for companies, which can include any product from our catalog and can be customized according to the needs, as we have seen in the examples above.

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