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Gifts for Sant Jordi's Day

An Eternal Gift for an Emblematic Tradition

Sant Jordi's Day is a holiday deeply rooted in Catalan culture that combines love, literature, tradition... And roses! Every April 23, the streets fill with color and romance as people exchange roses and books in honor of this iconic day.

This year, why not consider giving preserved roses to celebrate this tradition in a unique and lasting way?

Garden Rose - Omotesandō Plants

Sant Jordi: A Festival of Love and Culture

Sant Jordi's Day commemorates the legend of St. George and the dragon, a tale of knights, princesses and bravery that has endured throughout the centuries. But beyond the story, Sant Jordi is a celebration of love, literature and the beauty of Catalan culture. It is a day when the streets become a sea of roses and books, where lovers exchange gestures of affection and admiration.

At this post of our blog we tell you more about the mythology and symbolism in this iconic tradition.

Garden Rose - Omotesandō Plants

The Eternal Beauty of Preserved Roses

On Sant Jordi's Day, the most common gift are deep red roses, like dragon's blood. These roses are the perfect gift for this occasion, but they have a very obvious drawback: Natural roses die.

For this reason, from Omotesandō we propose you a solution: Our Everlasting Roses. These are not your traditional roses; they are authentic masterpieces of nature that have been preserved in their original beauty and freshness, forever.

Unlike ordinary roses, which wilt and fade in a few days, preserved roses maintain their splendor for months or even years.

Reasons to Give Preserved Roses as Gifts

  1. Their Lasting Beauty: Preserved roses maintain their freshness and beauty for much longer than traditional roses. They are a constant reminder of the love and admiration you share with your loved ones.

  2. They are Sustainable: Because they are treated with care and preserved naturally, preserved roses are a more sustainable option compared to traditional cut flowers.

  3. They come in a wide variety of Colors and Styles: Preserved roses come in a wide range of colors and styles, allowing you to choose the perfect rose for each special person in your life.

  4. It is a gesture of Elegance and Distinction: Giving preserved roses shows a level of care and attention that does not go unnoticed. It is a gesture of elegance and distinction that shows your appreciation for detail and beauty.

Cúpula Rose - Entrega a partir del día 1 de marzo - Omotesandō Plants

And for the more daring....

And in case anyone hasn't been completely convinced, at Omotesandō we have another surprise... Our Kokedama Rosebush. Although it is not a preserved product, it is a fresh and long-lasting product due to its kokedama format.

This is a gift that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Rosal kokedama - Omotesandō PlantsRosal kokedama - Omotesandō Plants

This Sant Jordi's Day, delight your loved ones with a gift that will last far beyond the celebration itself. Give preserved roses and add a touch of timeless beauty to this special tradition. Celebrate love, culture and history with a gesture that will be remembered and cherished for a long time to come. Happy Sant Jordi!