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Hanko: Customize your plant in Omotesandō Plants

At Omotesandō Plantswe believe that every corner of your home or office should reflect your style and personality. That's why we have launched a new collection called Hanko which is based on this.

What is a Hanko?

A Hanko is a personal seal traditionally used in Japan as a signature or identification mark on documents and works. It consists of a small cylinder of wood, metal or other material, engraved with the name or symbol of the owner in Japanese characters. In this collection, we have merged this ancient practice with potted houseplants, allowing you to leave your personal mark on the plant of your choice.

How does personalization work?

In our Hankocollection, we offer a wide variety of plants to choose from, ranging from succulents to plants such as orchids and spatifilium. In addition to the plant, you can customize your Hanko with a special dedication, either a written message or a photo. With these options, you can create a unique and meaningful gift that is perfectly suited to any occasion, whether it's for a loved one or to add a special touch to your own space.