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Terrarium Plants

The terrarium plants or as we call them, gardens in a bowl are natural compositions that consist of small ecosystems inside which a perfect microclimate is created for plants to develop and grow with minimal care. These compositions are like eternal gardens and they practically take care of themselves, they only need to be watered once a year!

How does a plant terrarium work?

Inside a closed terrarium, everything works like a small, well-synchronized ecosystem. The water that we pour into them at the time of making them already serves them to live the rest of the year. And it follows its cycle inside the bowl itself: the sun heats the surface of the glass, which evaporates the liquid water turning it directly into gas, this through condensation becomes liquid and falls to water the bowl again.

As it is a closed container, this cycle is repeated and once the garden is watered, the humidity is retained inside the bowl. This constant humidity not only benefits the plants and microorganisms, but also favors the exchange of gases. In addition, the microorganisms decompose the organic matter in the substrate, releasing gases such as carbon dioxide. This gas exchange also affects the air quality of the terrarium.

How should I care for my terrarium plant?

Terrarium plants or bowl gardens are easy to maintain, but there are a few key tips to keep in mind.

Light: place the terrarium near a window but make sure it is not in direct sunlight, as this can dry out the moss and plants inside. It is also important to turn the bowl every week so that the light reaches it from all sides.

Pruning: cut the branches that touch the glass and leave the bowl open for a while so that they recover before closing it again.

Watering: when the soil around the main tree is dry, it is time to water it! Normally, we recommend doing this once a year. Using a sprayer and taking care not to soak the moss, water the area around the ficus and main plants.

Temperature: keep the terrarium between 15 and 27 degrees.

If you want more details about how to take care of your terrarium, we leave you here a video we have on Youtube that explains all the details so you can have your terrarium plants perfect.

Our terrarium plants!

At Omotesandōwe make terrarium plants with different containers and we have them in all sizes. In our terrariums, we usually choose the Ficus Ginseng as the main element, since it is a plant that thrives in humid environments and performs very well in this type of compositions. To add a touch of color to the terrarium, we combined the ficus with Phytonias in shades of red, pink or green. These plants also thrive in environments with high humidity. We have some models of terrariums that we also elaborate with asparagus, these plants live without problem in high humidity conditions and give a very nice touch to these small gardens. These are some of our models!


Natura Green


Garden Gins