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Juliet: a new story for Juliet

"Juliet" is a Fashion Film that narrates the supposed future of Shakespeare' s Juliet if she had decided not to take her own life, and to continue living and enjoying life despite the death of her beloved Romeo.

In this short film, we see Juliet in different spaces surrounded by products. Omotesandōproducts: plants, flowers, kokedamas, terrariums y roseswhile she tells Romeo how she is doing on earth since he is no longer there.

Ginza is the name of our line of multicolored preserved flower bouquets. In this Fashion Film, we use this type of flower to decorate many spaces, including a phone booth.

The script and direction of this fashion film was done by Francesca Català. The piece was selected at the Berlin Fashion Film Festival and competed alongside fashion films from brands such as Loewe, Salvatore Ferragamo or Gucci.