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Omotesandō Gallery

TheOmotesandō Gallery, was a pop-up dedicated to our gardens in a bowl. We always talk about our products as unique pieces, handcrafted one by one. This uniqueness, which we always emphasize, makes us think of a work of art. That's why we designed a store that looked like an art gallery, with our gardens in a bowl. gardens in a bowl as the protagonists.

We placed each model on custom-made pedestals with plaques bearing the title of the work, the name of the artisan who made it and the date. There were also audio guides in four languages, posters with information about the context and elaboration of the works and many other details. In addition, we set up a small museum store, where you could buy magnets, T-shirts, key chains and mugs.

We located Omotesandō Gallery in Enric Granados street, a street in Barcelona historically known for its art galleries.

This was the poster with which we advertised it:

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