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Christmas gifts

Now that the Christmas season is approaching, it's time to give gifts to your family and friends. If you are one of those who run out of ideas, giving a plant as a Christmas gift is always a good idea, and if it is a kokedama or terrarium, it is always more original!


The kokedama is a Japanese art that literally means "moss ball". It consists of creating a sphere of soil and moss around the roots of a plant, forming a kind of compact ball. This moss sphere replaces the traditional plant pot.

In Omotesandō we make them with different plants and we have special editions designed for Christmas. Here are some of our kokedamas!

Terrariums or gardens in a bowl

The terrariums or gardens in a bowlare small ecosystems created in glass containers. Inside these plant compositions a perfect microclimate is created for the plants to develop and grow with minimal care. They only need to be watered once a year!

In Omotesandō we make terrariums in different shapes and sizes. Here are some of our models, they are a very original gift!

Garden Gins

Here we leave you a video where we show how we make a Poinsettia kokedama! In our website you can also see all the models that we have available of kokedamas and terrariums.