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Roses that will last forever

A timeless symbol of beauty, romance and passion, roses have long accompanied legends and popular culture. Noted for their unmistakable scent and vivid coloration, roses have been one of the most widely used icons in history. Unfortunately, despite this deep symbolic content, roses have always had, as a plant, a drawback: their short durability.

Everlasting roses, thanks to the latest advances in this field, are able to transcend this limitation. Also known as preserved roses, these roses do not require any care and have a longevity of up to several years.

But... What does the preservation technique of these roses consist of? This technique consists of replacing the sap and water of the flowers with a natural preservative liquid that preserves their appearance. If you are interested in knowing more about the preservation process that our roses go through, in this article

In Omotesando we offer different models of everlasting roses to satisfy the tastes of our customers, which can be found in the catalog of our collection.n It goes of Roses. Here are some of our models:

Garden Rose: If you are a fan of "The Little Prince" you will love this model. It consists of a rose placed inside a glass dome, just like the one in Antoine de Saint-Exupérie's book!

Garden Rose - Omotesandō Plants

Rose Dome: Just like our Garden Rose, our Rose Dome model is also placed in a glass dome with a wooden base, but this model is larger.

Cúpula Rose - Entrega a partir del día 1 de marzo - Omotesandō Plants

Natura Rose: The Natura Rose is similar to our Garden Rose and Dome Rose but, unlike our Garden Rose, the entire container is transparent, including the base. It is decorated with moss, also preserved, in different shades of green.

Natura Rose - Omotesandō Plants

Rose, Rose Mini, Mirror Rose and Crystal Rose: These four models consist of a rose planted in a pot decorated with moss. We have different models and pot or base sizes depending on the model.

Mirror Rose - Omotesandō Plants

Red Garden: This model is a floral composition. We have models of two and three roses, displayed in a larger cylindrical glass pot.

Red Garden - Omotesandō Plants

In addition, we offer all our models in different colors: Apart from the canonical red, we also offer models in yellow, pink and white. In addition, we also offer customizations to suit your needs, please send us an email to and ask us!