Roses that will last forever

Everlasting roses are preserved roses that, as their name indicates, last forever and do not require any type of care.

What is the preservation technique? This technique consists of replacing the sap and water of the flowers with a preserving liquid that preserves their appearance. In Omotesando we make different creations using natural roses subjected to this process. You will never have to worry about taking care of your rose again!

Here are some of our most beautiful models:

Garden Rose: If you are a fan of "The Little Prince" you will love this model. It consists of a rose placed inside a glass dome, just like the one in the book by Antoine de Saint-Exupérie!

Natura Rose: The natura rose is similar to the Garden Rose but unlike the Garden Rose, the whole container is transparent. It is decorated with moss, also preserved, in different shades of green.

Rose Mini, Rose Mini, Rose XL: These three models consist of a rose planted in a pot decorated with moss. We have different models and pot sizes depending on the model.

Red Garden: We also have the Red Garden model. We have them of 2 and three roses and consist of a transparent pot filled with moss where our rose is born.

In the "roses" section of our website you will find all our models, each one more beautiful!

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