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How much sun do kokedamas need?

A key point in caring for kokedamas is finding the right place for them. Although they are known for their ease of care compared to some other forms of presenting plants, location plays an essential role in how well they can thrive.

Like all plants, it is important that kokedamas receive sun, but... what amount of light do they need? But how much light do they need, and where is it best to place them? Here we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

Where should I place my kokedama?

It is recommended to place the kokedama in a place with light but protected from direct sun. Most kokedama are houseplants, but if it is an outdoor plant, it is also recommended to place it away from direct sunlight. This means that they should not receive direct sunlight for long periods, as prolonged direct sun exposure can damage the leaves and roots. Instead of being in direct sunlight, kokedamas benefit from a location with filtered or indirect light, such as near a window with light curtains or in a place that receives diffused light.

What temperature does a kokedama need?

Regarding the temperaturedepends on the type of plant, but in general it is recommended to avoid sudden temperature changes. avoid sudden changes in temperature.Remember! Do not place your kokedama near radiators or air conditioners. It is preferable that it is far away from air currents and direct heating.

Here we leave you a video where we explain in more detail all the care of the kokedamas. In our website you can also see all the models we have available!