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How long can a terrarium or garden live in a bowl?

The life expectancy of glass terrariums

Terrariums or gardens in a bowl are a small ecosystemic wonder that, thanks to the interaction of its various species in the environment enclosed by its glass container, can live for many, many years. A terrarium o garden in a bowl that receives the necessary care can last a lifetime.

Of course, it is important to keep in mind that each terrarium is different, includes different plants and has one size and shape or another. Thus, each one will have its own adaptation period and will require specific conditions. However, they all function in the same way.

Terrariums can live and survive autonomously due to the water cycle of evaporation and condensation. When the plant is watered, water is absorbed by the plant roots and released into the air through the leaves during transpiration. It then rises to touch the glass walls, where it condenses in the form of water droplets that fall and water the plants again. This is why these small ecosystems can live for many years without needing any care.

If your garden is in the right place and receives enough water, the terrarium can live for many years without having to be uncovered. That is why everlasting gardens are the perfect detail to decorate a home, especially for those forgetful people who never remember to water their plants! In this video you can see ourtop 5 terrariums:

We will never tire of repeating that the life expectancy of a terrarium or Garden in a bowl depends on the care it receives and the conditions in which it is kept. In this video you will find a very practical tutorial with all the care instructions: