Poinsettia kokedama

Christmas is coming and with it one of the most famous plants of this season... The Poinsettia! It is a plant of Mexican origin also known as Poinsettia or poinsettia. Its scientific name is "pulcherrima" and means "the most beautiful". In the USA it is better known by its name Poinsettia due to Joel Roberts Poinsett, who was the first American diplomatic representative in Mexico.

What is the care of the Poinsettia?

Watering: The poinsettia should be watered twice a week by immersion. The moss ball should be submerged in a bowl of water for about two minutes and then removed and left to drain.

Light: The poinsettia needs a lot of light, it is best to place it near a window.

Humidity: The poinsettia withstands normal temperatures, it is important that it is not in extremely hot or cold places. It is also essential to keep it away from drafts and heating.

Pruning: The best time of the year to prune the poinsettia is at the end of January. To do so, those stems containing dry leaves should be pruned. It is best to cut them to a length of about 15 cm.

The poinsettia is a delicate plant but if well cared for it can last a whole year!

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