Spruce mini kokedama

Spruce belongs to the genus Abies and is one of the most sought-after trees during the Christmas season. Fir trees grow mainly in the forests of central and eastern Asia, central and southern Europe and North America.

What is the care of the mini fir tree?

Temperature: fir trees are species that do not tolerate extreme temperatures, it is best to keep them in a temperate-cold climate. It is important to place them away from heat sources such as heating or radiators, it is best to always look for the coolest place in the house.

Watering: fir trees need a lot of water, they should be watered every two or three days by immersion. The moss ball should be immersed in a bowl of water for about two minutes, then removed and left to drain.

Humidity: fir trees like humidity. It is best to spray them with a little water from time to time.

Light: It is best to place them in places where they receive indirect light and outside air. Avoid placing them near fireplaces, stoves, radiators or heaters.

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