Ardisia, the most Christmas-like kokedama

Ardisia is one of the kokedamas in our Christmas collection, it is an evergreen shrub that you will identify by its characteristic deep red fruits. It is native to Southeast Asia and parts of India. It is a very slow growing shrub that can grow up to five feet tall and has long narrow leaves.

What is the care of Ardisia?

Light: Ardisia needs a lot of light, but it is important that it is indirect.

Temperature: it is best to place the ardisia in the coolest place in the house. It is important to keep it away from radiators and heating air. It is a plant that adapts well both indoors and outdoors

Watering: It should be watered once a week by immersion. It is a shrub that likes moisture, so it is also important to spray the leaves with water from time to time.

Pruning: it can be pruned in late winter by cutting those branches that are worse.

It is a very easy to care for plant that if well maintained can withstand without problem until after Christmas and more!

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