Ardisia, the most Christmas-like kokedama

Ardisia, the Most Christmasy Kokedama

In the search for the perfect holiday decor, we often come across plants that are not only beautiful, but also evocative of the Christmas spirit. Among these natural wonders is the Ardisia, a plant that radiates charm and elegance, perfect for adding a festive touch to any space.

In this article we explain how you can incorporate Ardisia in a unique and creative way: as a Christmas Kokedama!

Introduction to Ardisia

Ardisia, also known as "Ardisia crenata" or "Japanese Holly," is an evergreen plant characterized by its bright red berries and lush, glossy foliage.

Native to Asia, Ardisia has captured the imagination of many gardeners and decorating enthusiasts because of its beauty and association with the holiday season.

What is a Kokedama?

Kokedama is a Japanese gardening technique that involves wrapping the roots of a plant in a ball of moss and then suspending or placing it in a decorative container. This form of presentation is not only aesthetically appealing, but also allows plants to grow in a unique way, adding a touch of nature and serenity to any environment.

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Creating a Christmas Kokedama with Ardisia

  1. Select your plant: Choose an Ardisia with good foliage and healthy berries. Make sure it has compact and well-developed roots to facilitate the formation of the Kokedama.

  2. Prepare the substrate: Mix potting soil with moist moss until you have a moldable mass. Add some balanced fertilizer to promote healthy growth.

  3. Wrap the roots: Carefully wrap the roots of the Ardisia in the soil and moss mixture until you form a compact ball. Make sure the roots are completely covered.

  4. Wrap with moss: Wrap the ball of soil and roots with fresh moss, pressing it gently to adhere. Be sure to leave a piece of twine or string at the top to hang the Kokedama if desired.

  5. Care for your Kokedama: Place your Ardisia Kokedama in a location where it will receive bright indirect light and keep the moss slightly moist at all times. Avoid overwatering to avoid rotting problems.

In this video we tell you step by step:

Whether suspended from the ceiling, placed on a decorative tray or as a centerpiece, an Ardisia Kokedama adds a touch of elegance and holiday spirit to any space.

Plus, the durability and strength of Ardisia ensure that your Kokedama will look lush and vibrant throughout the holiday season.

How to care for Ardisia?

  • Light: Ardisia needs a lot of light. However, it is important that it be indirect.
  • Temperature: It is best to place the Ardisia in the coolest place in the house. It is important to keep it away from radiators and heating air.
  • Watering: It should be watered once a week by immersion. It is a shrub that likes humidity, so it is also crucial to spray the leaves with water from time to time.
  • Pruning: It can be pruned at the end of winter cutting those branches that are worse, so that it remains in good condition for longer.


In conclusion, Ardisia is a perfect choice for those looking for a unique and creative way to decorate their home during the holidays. Whether as part of a Kokedama or simply as a decorative plant, Ardisia brightens any environment with its beauty and holiday charm.

So this year, take your holiday decorating a step further and welcome the season with our Ardisia Kokedama- it will captivate all who see it!