Our most Christmas products!

In Omotesando Plants we are already celebrating Christmas and we do it with a new catalog full of the most Christmas kokedamas. These plants, although most seen during the holidays, if well maintained, can last all year long!

Mini kokedama spruce: the spruce is one of the most sought after trees during the Christmas season. They grow mainly in the forests of central and eastern Asia, central and southern Europe and North America and like cool climates. In omotesando we have them in mini format so you can put them in the corner of your home that you like the most. In addition, you can also complement them with some lights!

Abies kokedama: the Abies is very similar to our mini fir tree model but it is even smaller. You can place it in any corner and decorate it with lights to give it a Christmas touch.

Poinsettia kokedama: It is a plant of Mexican origin also known as Poinsettia kokedama or poinsettia. Its scientific name is "pulcherrima" and means "the most beautiful".

Ardisia kokedama: Ardisa is an evergreen shrub that you will identify by its characteristic deep red fruits. It is another of our most Christmasy kokedamas!

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