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What are air plants and how are they cared for?

Air plants, as their name suggests, do not need soil to live. Yes, you heard that right, they don' t have to be planted! For this reason they are ideal for indoors and outdoors. Most of these plants grow in the tops of trees to hide from the sun.

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What is the care of air plants?

Air plants need a lot of ambient humidity, so it is advisable to keep spraying them with water. However, it is important not to drown them to prevent their leaves from rotting. In summer, spraying should be done daily, while in winter, only every three or four days.

Air plants also need light and ventilation, if we place them indoors it is essential that they are in a well-lit place. As for the temperature, they are plants that support very wide ranges, even so if you live in a place with cold winters during this time it will be important to move your air plant indoors.

How can I tell if my air plant is lacking water?

If you see the leaves start to progressively dry out, it is a sign that your air plant is lacking water. In such cases, if you really see that it is very dehydrated, the best thing to do is to soak it for a few minutes and then let it drain. It is important to remove the excess water afterwards.