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What plants can be used in a terrarium?

Terrariums or as we call them, gardens in a bowl, are eternal gardens, small natural ecosystems inside which creates a perfect microclimate for plants to develop and grow with minimal care. You only have to water them once a year!

With what plants can we make our garden in a bowl?

To make a garden in a bowl it is important to choose plants that are comfortable in a humid environment, a good choice would be a plant of tropical origin. We usually elaborate our gardens in a bowl with the ficus as the main element. The ficus is a plant native to the tropical areas of Asia that loves humidity, it also acts as a bonsai in terms of growth. In case we want to keep it small to fit in our bowl, we can prune it without any problem!

What can we accompany our ficus with?

A good option is the Fitonia. The Fitonia is a plant that reaches very little height, about 15 centimeters, that is why it is widely used in compositions such as gardens in a bowl. It is also a lover of moisture and is perfect to have in our small ecosystem!