How to make substrate to make a kokedama?

The elaboration of a good substrate is essential when making our kokedama, the one that will make the plant develop and grow well! There are many types of substrate and we will talk about the one we use in Omotesando Plants to elaborate our kokedamas.

What type of substrate do we use?

We use universal substrate. As its name indicates it is the one used in the majority of cultures and it is suitable for many types of plants. We mix this substrate with akadama when preparing the soil ball to make the base of our kokedama.

What is akadama?

The akadama is a volcanic clay of an orange color that comes from Japan. This substrate allows to conserve the humidity of the plants so that they can develop better. It is used a lot in the bonsais and also in the kokedamas!

It is very important to mix the akadama with the universal substrate at the time of making the ball of our kokedama so that this one can develop in good conditions.