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What is needed to make a terrarium?

The terrariums or gardens in a bowl are small ecosystems inside a bowl, in its interior a microclimate is created in which the plants can live perfectly, they live so well that they only need to be watered once a year!

What are the necessary elements to make a garden in a bowl?

Mineral substrate: Mineral substrate is essential when making your own terrarium. We use the universal substrate, it is the most "all-terrain" substrate, since it is suitable for many different types of plants.

Volcanic stone: The volcanic stone is responsible for filtering the water. If we put only mineral substrate, the water would accumulate under the bowl, the roots would go down and would rot.

Active carbon: The active carbon is an essential element at the time of elaborating our garden in a bowl, since it is in charge of controlling the humidity that is created in the bowl.

Decorative stone: The main function of the decorative stone, as its name suggests, is to make the terrarium look beautiful from the outside!

Moss: Moss is planted around the main plants to give a green touch to the terrarium. It is also perfect because it is comfortable in a humid environment and keeps very well inside the bowl!

FicusGinseng: The ficus is the main element of the garden in a bowl. It is a plant that likes a lot of moisture and can be pruned to fit perfectly to the shape of our terrarium.

Fitonia: The Fitonia is perfect to give color to our garden in a bowl. It can be placed next to the Ficus Giseng and looks perfect.