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How does an eternal terrarium work?

A timeless terrarium or garden in a bowl is a small natural ecosystem that is self-regulating and requires almost no care - it only needs to be watered once a year!

So how do you water the plants in a terrarium?

The secret is that the water we add to them at the time of making them is already useful for them to live the rest of the year. This is because the water follows its cycle inside the bowl itself: the sun heats the surface of the glass, which evaporates the liquid water converting it directly into gas, this through condensation becomes liquid and falls to water the bowl again.

This type of terrarium is much easier to maintain than open system terrariums or potted plants. The most important thing is to place the bowl in a place with indirect light. It can also be pruned to maintain the size of the ficus, the only thing to do is to cut a little bit the leaves that touch the glass. In the following article you can read some care tips for your terrarium or garden in a bowl.

We also leave you this Youtube video that explains in detail the care of terrariums or gardens in a bowl. In our website you can also see all the models we have available.