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How to decorate a room with Kokedamas

Decorating your room with kokedamas is a charming and creative way to bring nature into your interior space. Kokedamas are Japanese moss balls that hold a plant without the need for a pot.


Here are some ideas for decorating your room with kokedamas:

  • Pendants on the ceiling: Hang kokedamas in macramé or strings from the ceiling to create a hanging garden in your room. You can group kokedamas of different sizes and plant species together for a varied and natural look.
  • On shelves or ledges: Place kokedamas on shelves or ledges along with other decorative objects to create a green corner. You can mix kokedamas with books, candles or other accessories to add a touch of freshness to your room.
  • Centerpiece: Use kokedamas as a centerpiece on a coffee table or in the dining room. Place a tray with several kokedamas of different sizes and species in the center of the table to cause a lovely focal point.
  • As Hanging Lamps: Incorporate kokedamas into hanging lamps. You can place kokedamas around lights to create an ethereal and natural look. This will not only brighten your room, but also add a unique decorative element.
  • Kokedamas in Clusters: Form clusters of kokedamas of different sizes and heights in a specific corner of your room. This will add visual depth and transform that space into a green, relaxing oasis.
  • Themed Kokedamas: Look for themed kokedamas to follow a specific theme in your room, such as succulent plants for a desert look or ferns and shade plants for a tropical feel.

Schefflera Kokedama - Kokedama | Omotesandō Plants

Remember to properly care for your kokedamas, providing them with the right amount of light, water and humidity to keep them healthy and beautiful.

With these ideas, you can transform your room into a space full of life and beauty by using kokedamas as decorative elements.If you liked them, check out our collections of Indoor Plants, Kokedamas y Gardens in a Bowl to see more!