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How to detect and combat mold on your plants

The mold is one of the most frequent pests that can affect plants, both indoors and outdoors. Its appearance is possible at any time of the year and on various types of plants. If not properly treated, can seriously jeopardize the health and survival of the plant. Therefore, it is crucial to identify mildew in order to combat it effectively. In this article, we will provide some useful tips to recognize if your plant is affected by this pest.

- Look at the foliage: mildew usually appears on the foliage of the plant. If you notice white, gray, black, black, brown or any other color other than the usual green spots on the leaves, it is likely that your plant has mildew. Also, if the leaves have a sticky, soft or fuzzy texture, it is a sign that they may be infected.

- Check the stem: Mildew can also appear on the stem of the plant. If you notice that the stem is covered with a slimy substance or has colored spots, it is likely to be affected by mildew.

- Smell the plant: sometimes mildew produces an unpleasant odor on the plant. If you notice that your plant smells bad, it may have mold.

- Look at the substrate: The substrate or soil where the plant is growing may be another place where mold is occurring. If you see that the surface of the substrate is covered with a slimy substance, or has colored spots, this is a sign that the plant is affected by mold.

- Look for insects: some insect pests, such as spider mites and aphids, can be a sign that the plant has mold.

If you have identified that your plant has mold, it is important that you act quickly and effectively to combat it. A good option is to use a fungicide suitable for the type of mildew that is affecting your plant.

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For kokedamasSimply spray directly onto the leaves, stem and moss ball every 10 days to ensure complete protection. In the Gardens in a bowlIn a bowl, apply Plant Protector all over the bowl, covering the leaves, stem and moss to keep them free of fungi and pests. And for your potted plants, simply spray directly onto the leaves, stem and moss ball every 10 days to ensure complete protection. potted plantsSpray on leaves, stems and the outer layer of the substrate every 10 days for long-lasting protection.

With our Plant Protector, your plants will be protected and will bloom in all their splendor. Ensure their health and beauty with our all-in-one solution!