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How do you maintain and prune plants in a terrarium or bowl garden?

The terrariums and bowl gardens have gained popularity in recent times due to their practicality and design aesthetics. These small ecosystems can house a wide variety of plants, creating a small garden inside. However, to maintain the health and beauty of plants in these enclosed environments, it is crucial to understand how to properly maintain and prune them. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you care for your plants in terrariums and bowl gardens.

Location and Light

  • Place your terrarium or bowl garden in a location where it receives indirect light bright. Avoid direct sunlight, as it can heat the interior too much and damage the plants.
  • If you notice that the plants are stretching towards the light, this is a sign that they need more light. In this case, adjust their placement gradually to provide them with more indirect light.


  • Overwatering is one of the biggest risks to plants in terrariums and bowl gardens. These small ecosystems do not require much care, we only water them once a year.

Pruning and Maintenance

  • Regular pruning helps control the size and shape of plants in a limited space. By trimming away long or untidy branches, you encourage more compact and aesthetic growth. By pruning, old or damaged parts of the plant are removed, which stimulates the growth of new branches and leaves.
  • It is important to remove dead or wilted leaves from plants, as they can be a source of disease or pests. Pruning these leaves helps prevent the spread of problems and maintain the overall health of the plant.
  • Some plants may grow unevenly, with some branches longer than others. Pruning helps balance growth, ensuring that the plant maintains a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing shape.

Pruning tools and frequency

  • For pruning on terrariums and bowl gardens, it is advisable to use small, precise tools, such as pruning shears or bonsai shears. These tools allow clean and precise cuts, avoiding unnecessary damage to the plant.
  • The frequency of pruning can vary according to the needs of each plant and the rate of growth. In general, light pruning of is recommended ona regular basis to keep the plant fit and healthy.

The terrariums and bowl gardens offer a unique and beautiful way to incorporate nature into indoor spaces. With proper care, these small ecosystems can thrive and live for many years. Here is a video we have on Youtube where we explain in detail all the care of terrariums or gardens in a bowl. In our website you can also see all the models we have available!