Influences of Omotesandō Plants

Our sources of inspiration

One of the biggest influences of the project is Japan and its culture. Not only was it in Japan where the kokedama technique originated, but Japanese culture has a vision of nature with which we at Omotesandō Plants identify very much. The relationship between people and nature is very close and should be based on love and, above all, respect. In Japan, people decorate their homes with a little piece of nature, and they love and care for their plants. It is not surprising that so many techniques for making ornamental plants, such as kokedamas or bonsai, have come out of Japan.

Influencias de Omotesandō Plants

In Tokyo's Nakameguro district, there is a small plant store called Green Scape. It was there that Omotesandō Plants was born as it is where we discovered kokedamas in summer 2018. The most striking thing about this charming place is the way they display the plants: they give each plant the importance it deserves, moving away from displaying all their products in piles on a shelf.

In addition to receiving influences from Japan, we are also very inspired by the Nordic design, very sober, minimalist and elegant. We love it especially when it comes to presenting our products.

At Omotesandō Plants we also draw aesthetic inspiration from other sources. For example, in brands like Jacquemus, Fat Boy, Marset Barcelona, magazines like Kinfolk or Toiletpaper and many Instagram accounts such as @designmilk among many others.

Omotesandō Plants is a conscious project with very determined values, as we give a lot of importance to the fact that each product is handcrafted and unique. In the same way, we also believe in sustainability and the importance of creating a positive social impact with everything we do. That's why we are also inspired by other brands with similar values such as the sustainable clothing projects Thinking Mu or Ecoalf.

In the end, you are who you are because of everything you have experienced throughout your life. Omotesandō Plants is no exception, and that's why we want to keep growing and learning from what surrounds us, in the same way that we also hope to be a source of inspiration.

If you feel like learning more about our project, don't hesitate to visit our workshop and get to know all our products! Discover our kokedamas, gardens in a bowl and our range of roses in domes.