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The Marginata kokedama

The Marginatais a popular houseplant prized for its exotic appearance and easy care. It is native to Madagascar and belongs to the Dracaena family. We elaborate it as kokedama by wrapping its roots in a moss ball, which gives it an even more elegant and original appearance.

One of the most distinctive features of the Marginata are its narrow, elongated leaves, which grow in a spiral from a central stem. These leaves can vary in color from dark green to deep red or even purple at the edges, giving the plant a unique and striking appearance.

Marginata Kokedama - Omotesandō Plants

Care and Maintenance

Marginata is known to be a low-maintenance plant, making it an ideal choice for those with little time or experience in plant care. To keep it perfect, you only need to water it once every 7 to 10 days. It is important to check the humidity of the substrate before watering to avoid excess water, which can cause root rot problems.

As for light, Marginata prefers indirect exposure to bright sunlight, although it can also tolerate low light conditions. It is recommended to avoid direct sunlight, as this can cause leaf burn.

Marginata Kokedama - Omotesandō Plants

In summary, Marginata is a versatile plant that in kokedama format can add a touch of elegance and design to any interior space. it is also very easy to care for and very hardy! It is also easy to care for and very hardy. At our websiteyou will find our Marginata along with other varieties of kokedama.