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Can kokedamas live indoors?

The Kokedamasthose lovely moss-wrapped spheres of plants, can thrive in indoor environments without a problem. In fact, we always place them indoors, as they grow and thrive even better than outdoors. In addition, they are designer plants that look great in any corner as decoration. However, they can also thrive outdoors if placed in suitable locations. Here are some tips to ensure that your kokedamas are happy and healthy inside your indoor space.

Adequate light

Although kokedamas thrive in natural light, it is essential to avoid direct sun exposure indoors, as this can cause both the plant and the moss to dry out. Place your kokedamas in areas with bright indirect light to ensure healthy growth.

Humidity control

Indoor environments usually have lower humidity levels than outdoors. Spray water on the kokedama regularly or place it on a dish with wet stones to maintain the necessary humidity. Monitor the dryness of the moss and adjust watering frequency accordingly.

Moderate watering

Avoid overwatering, as moss and plant roots can easily rot. Before watering again, make sure the top of the kokedama is slightly dry to the touch.

Periodic Rotation

To ensure even plant growth, rotate your kokedama periodically. This will ensure that all parts of the plant receive an adequate amount of light and develop evenly.

Regular maintenance

Perform regular maintenance, remove any dry or dead moss to encourage fresh moss growth and maintain a clean, healthy appearance.

With proper care, kokedamas can become a beautiful addition to any interior space, adding a touch of nature and design. Here is a video with our Top 5 kokedamas. In our website you can also see all the models we have available!