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How to give your kokedamas the love they deserve in springtime

The arrival of spring is the perfect time to start caring for our kokedamas. After a cold, dry winter, they need a little extra attention to ensure their health and growth. Here are some helpful tips for caring for your kokedama during the spring.

Adjust the lighting: As the days get longer and the sun shines brighter, it is important to adjust the lighting on your kokedama. If they are in a room with natural light, make sure they receive indirect light during the day.

Water regularly: Spring is a time of active growth for kokedamas, so they need an adequate amount of water to thrive. Be sure to water them regularly, but not excessively, as too much water can be detrimental to the roots. If you are not sure when to water them, check the weight and humidity of the kokedama.

Ensure proper temperature: Spring can be a time of temperature changes, so it is important to ensure that your kokedama are in a suitable location in your home. Avoid placing them near doors or windows that may be exposed to cold drafts.

Prune your kokedamas: Spring is also an ideal time to prune your kokedamas. Pruning dead or diseased branches can stimulate the growth of new branches and leaves, as well as maintain the plant's healthy appearance. Be sure to use clean, sterilized pruning shears to prevent the spread of disease.

By following these helpful tips, your indoor kokedamas can flourish and thrive throughout the spring.