How do plants breathe in a closed terrarium?

Have you ever wondered how plants breathe in an enclosed terrarium? It's a common question many plant lovers ask themselves. And the answer is that plants breathe just like we do, taking in oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide.

In a closed terrarium, the air is kept in balance by the water cycle. Plant transpiration creates a high relative humidity inside the terrarium. This humidity condenses on the walls of the container and falls back to the substrate as dew. Condensation helps maintain the humidity necessary for the plants and microorganisms inside the terrarium, and also allows for gas exchange.

In addition, microorganisms in the terrarium substrate also play an important role in air quality. Microorganisms break down organic matter in the substrate and release carbon dioxide and other gases into the terrarium atmosphere. This exchange of gases helps maintain the air quality inside the terrarium.

In summary, in a closed terrarium, plants breathe thanks to the water cycle and the exchange of gases with the microorganisms present in the substrate. It is important to maintain a proper balance in the terrarium ecosystem to ensure the health and proper growth of the plants!

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