The five plants with the most beautiful and original leaves

When we think of plants, we often focus only on their colorful flowers. However, many plants also stand out for their striking and original leaves! In this article, we'll explore five plants with beautiful leaves that are sure to capture your attention and you'll want to have them in your home.


Pilea is prized for its round, delicate-looking leaves. It is also known as the Chinese money plant as its leaves can look like coins, which is why this plant has sometimes been associated with prosperity and good luck! This plant is easy to care for and spreads quickly, making it an excellent choice for those who wish to get more plants from one.


Maranta is one of the prettiest ornamental plants around. Its leaves are decorated with contrasting lines and colors that look like they were hand-painted by an artist - the dark green blends with deep reds and pinks, creating a gorgeous landscape! Maranta is also known by the name "prayer plant" as its leaves fold up at night, as if in a prayer position, and unfold again during the day.

Kris Plant

The Kris plant is known for its large, showy, sword-shaped leaves. Along the leaves, you can find vertical stripes ranging from soft yellow to creamy white. The leaves of the Kris plant are not only beautiful, but they are also hardy. They can survive in different soil types and moisture levels, which is perfect if you're a little clueless about watering your plants!


Monstera, also known as Adam's rib, has large, majestic leaves, they're like natural works of art. Its shape resembles that of a heart and contains perfect cuts and holes that make it a unique plant. The most impressive thing about Monstera leaves is their size, they can grow to be really big, becoming the center of attention in any room.


Schefflera leaves are like small fans. This houseplant, also known as an umbrella tree, has beautiful leaves that capture the essence of exotic nature. Schefflera leaves also have an incredible ability to illuminate any room, they are able to efficiently capture light, allowing them to glow and create a luminous ambiance.