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Why do fungi grow on the soil of houseplants?

Fungi are fascinating organisms that play an important role in nature, but when they appear in the soil of our houseplants, they can become a problem. Why do fungi grow in the soil of houseplants? In this article, we will explore the possible causes and provide some solutions to keep our plants healthy and free of unwanted fungi.

Excess moisture: Excess moisture is one of the main reasons why fungi find a conducive environment to grow in houseplant soil. Excessive watering or poor drainage can lead to excess moisture in the substrate, which encourages fungal growth.

Poor ventilation: Lack of air circulation around houseplants can contribute to fungal growth in the soil. Moisture accumulates in poorly ventilated environments, creating the right conditions for fungi to develop and spread.

To prevent fungal growth in the soil of houseplants, it is important to water them properly, improve drainage and increase ventilation, so your plants will be healthy and perfect!