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Types of Garden in a bowl

The different kinds of Gardens in a Bowl

A Garden in a bowl is an ideal environment where plants can live and survive autonomously due to the water cycle of evaporation and condensation. When the water in the substrate of the bowl evaporates, it rises to touch the walls of the glass dome, where it condenses in the form of water droplets that fall and water the plants again, as if it were rain!

From eternal gardens There are all shapes and sizes - you have many to choose from! In fact, there are different types of terrariums depending on the type of plants inside and the glass container. Here are the most common ones.

jardines eternos

Open terrariums

Open Bowl Gardens are those whose glass container does not seal completely and has some open parts that connect the inside of the bowl with the outside air. Because they are not completely closed, some of the water evaporation is lost, so they need to be watered more frequently. The best way to know when to water the garden is to look at the appearance of the plants, since it is difficult to be guided by the condensation that remains on the glass. These types of containers are ideal for plants that do not tolerate humidity or heat too well, such as cacti or succulents.

Tray terrariums

Tray terrariums are those that include a rather flat and shallow container, such as a glass tray. In these cases, the plants are exposed to outdoor conditions. It is important to use these bowls only with small-rooted plants, as well as not to overwater them to prevent the plants' roots from rotting, as the trays do not have drainage holes.

Closed terrariums or eternal gardens

Gardens in a closed bowl are our favorite at Omotesandō Plants! The glass container is always closed so that the water can continue its evaporation and condensation cycle without missing a drop. It's okay if the bowl has to be opened on occasion for maintenance reasons, but it's important to control the humidity inside. To do this, we can remove excess condensation from the dome with a dry cloth or add more water to the bowl if necessary.

As you can see, the world of eternal gardens is very varied. Don't miss the collection of Gardens in a bowl in our website and, if you have any questions, you can write to us at