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The Pachira kokedama

Pachira kokedama as an element of interior decoration

The Pachira kokedama is a very beautiful plant with large green leaves. It is also known as the Money Tree, because it is believed to bring good economic luck - I hope it is true! Its main feature is the braided trunk, which gives it an exotic and elegant look. This custom of braiding the stems (in groups of three or more) comes from Asia and the thickness is synonymous with strength, so it is a plant with great symbolic value.

In addition, it is very resistant and grows very fast! You will see that in a few days of having it at home it sprouts new light green leaves that open as if they were umbrellas. It is one of our 5 most popular and best-selling kokedamas. No wonder!

Kokedama Pachira

What care does a Pachira kokedama need?

The kokedama Pachira can live in shady places, but also in brightly lit rooms. The important thing is to avoid exposure to direct sunlight, as this can burn its leaves. In addition, wherever you place it, beware of sudden changes in temperature or drafts. The ambient temperature should be between 20 and 25 ºC, so it is best to avoid placing it near an air conditioner or radiator.

To know when to water our kokedama, it is best to be guided by the weight of the plant. If it is very light when lifted, it means that it is time to water it. Keep in mind that the frequency of watering will vary depending on the season of the year. As a guideline, it is recommended to water it once a week in winter and once every five days in summer. Remember that when the kokedama arrives at your home, it has already been watered from the workshop! Too much water can be very harmful to the Pachira.

Curiosities about the Pachira kokedama

As you can see, the Pachira plant is a very special plant. It has a smooth brown bark in the more mature parts. The green part of the stems is the one that is more flexible. With the passage of time, the green hardens and remains in the braided position.

Currently, Pachira kokedamas are very popular as an element of interior decoration. In our homes, they can grow a lot, but it is only in their natural habitat you will see them bloom - the flowers of this plant turn into a fruit that looks like a chestnut!

To complete the urban jungle of your home, you need a Pachira kokedama. Wherever you place it, it will give your home an exotic touch... And it will bring you good luck! If you have any questions about its care, you can write to us at