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Advantages of preserved roses

Why choose everlasting roses?

Preserved roses represent an innovation in the field of floristry, offering an elegant and long-lasting alternative to traditional fresh flowers. Our roses are a popular alternative for those who wish to experience the aesthetics and charm of roses without the obligation of constant maintenance. In addition, their wide range of colors and styles make them a versatile and sophisticated choice to suit a wide variety of tastes and needs.

Ventajas de las rosas preservadas

Preserved roses are very durable

Preserved roses are non-perishable and can last for years in perfect condition, always maintaining a natural look. Our everlasting roses go through a process by which their sage and water are replaced by preserving liquid. This biodegradable mixture composed of a 100% plant-based formula allows our flowers to remain intact for years. If you are interested in knowing more about the preservation process to which we subject our roses, read this article of our blog!

Preserved roses require no care

In today's fast-paced world, time is a precious commodity and maintaining plants can sometimes become a chore. Preserved roses, in this context, emerge as a sophisticated and long-lasting alternative to conventional flowers.

Finally, a plant that doesn't need to be watered! Our roses are of all-natural origin, unlike plastic flowers. However, because they are preserved, you don't have to water them, so you can go on vacation without worrying!

Preserved roses are sustainable flowers

Additionally, it is important to know that our preserved roses are ecofriendly flowers, since the carbon footprint resulting from their production is much lower than that of plastic artificial roses and, in addition, they do not require water or other products to keep them in good condition like their fresh sisters. At this article we discuss this topic in more detail.

Our everlasting roses come in a wide variety of colors and formats.

Finally, it is also worth mentioning that our everlasting roses come in a wide range of models with different characteristics. If you are interested in a composition with more than one rose, you have our model Red GardenIf you are looking for a glass dome in the style of Le Petit Prince de Saint Exupery, we recommend you our Rose Dome or its little sister, the Garden Rose! In addition, all our models are available in several color options: classic red, elegant white, a softer pink or even an original yellow.

If you are interested in other formats, please consult our catalog. Va de Rosas and there you will find more information about the different models we offer. Also, if you are looking for another color or have an original idea that you would like to materialize, don't hesitate to send us a message to and we will make it happen!

What a list of advantages! If we have already convinced you, don't hesitate to take a look at our website to choose your favorite rose.