How to care for a kokedama?

Instructions and tips for caring for your kokedama

From the looks of it, it might seem that a kokedama is a delicate plant that requires a lot of maintenance and attention. In reality, they are very easy to care for! Read on to find out how to give love to your kokedama and keep it healthy.

How and when to water a kokedama?

Kokedama watering is done by immersion. The frequency of watering varies according to the season of the year, generally speaking:
  • In spring/summer: Perform watering 1 to 2 times per week, assessing the dryness of the moss.
  • In autumn/winter: Adjust the frequency to onceevery 10 days or 2 weeks, also considering the state of the moss.

It is crucial to keep in mind that watering frequency may vary depending on the plant species. Some plants require watering more frequently than others, so it is advisable to adjust watering according to the specific needs of each plant in the kokedama.

Steps to follow when watering:

  1. Submerge the moss ball in a bowl of water until it is completely covered.
  2. After submerging, be patient and allow the kokedama to remain in the water for about two minutes. During this time, watch as small bubbles emerge from within the moss. This process indicates that the kokedama is absorbing the water.
  3. Carefully remove the kokedama from the water after these two minutes or when you see the bubbles stop coming out from inside the ball.
  4. Wait until the kokedama stops dripping completely. This indicator suggests that the moss ball has absorbed the necessary amount of water and is ready to return to its designated location.
  5. You can now return your kokedama to the location you have chosen.

How is the light and temperature it should receive?

It is recommended to place the kokedama in a place with light but protected from direct sunlight. Most kokedamas are indoor plants, but if it is an outdoor plant, it is also recommended to place it away from direct sunlight.

As for temperature, that depends on the type of plant, but in general it is recommended to avoid sudden changes in temperature. Remember! Do not place your kokedama near radiators or air conditioners. It is preferable that it be away from drafts and direct heating.

What about the moss ball?

It is important to pay attention to the appearance of the moss, not just the plant. If we see that it dries out a bit, we can spray water on the surface of the ball to moisten the moss. If you don't have spray, you can also use your hands!

Anyway, don't worry if the moss loses its color, you can always add new moss. It's as easy as bringing it to our store for help or you can do it on your own with our DIY Pack.

What do I do if the plant grows too much?

Many people ask us if kokedamas grow, and the answer is yes! In any case, their growth is quite slow (just as if they were in a ceramic pot, for example).

As for the plant itself, you can prune it whenever you want, either for aesthetic reasons or to remove branches or leaves in poor condition. Cutting the wilted or dry parts of the plants is highly recommended, since this way we heal it and make it easier for new branches and leaves to sprout.

If you have doubts about how to take care of your kokedama, take a look to our tutorial on Youtube.

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