What products do we sell at Omotesandō Plants?

What products do we sell? A guide to our work

The kokedamas were the seed from which Omotesandō Plants was born, and the project has gradually grown into what it is today. At Omotesandō we create kokedamas of all kinds of plants and we also adapt to seasonal flowers and plants.

However, at Omotesandō Plants we not only work on creating kokedamas, but we also offer other types of products: among the most relevant are everlasting roses and gardens in a bowl.

Garden in a bowl is the name we have given to terrariums. The origin of terrariums is accidental; Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward was an English doctor who, in order to analyze the hatching of chrysalises, enclosed butterflies in glass vases with soil at the base. In a short time, the seeds and spores in the soil began to sprout spontaneously. Thus it was discovered that a terrarium was an ideal environment where plants could live and survive autonomously due to the water cycle of evaporation and condensation.


At Omotesandō Plants we elaborate the gardens in a bowl and we have them in all sizes and shapes. In addition, the glass containers, both bowls and domes, are hand blown.

We also have the collection Va de Rosaswhich presents different compositions where the protagonist is a freeze-dried rose.

rosa liofilizada

Freeze-drying is a process by which roses are placed in refrigerators, which cause them to freeze and dehydrate. The ice is then sublimated and the roses are brought back to room temperature. This means that the roses do not lose neither the color nor the shape they had when the process began and remain that way for years, always with a totally natural appearance. The roses, which can be red, yellow or pink, are accompanied by freeze-dried moss and can come in handmade glass or ceramic containers.

At Omotesandō Plants we highly value craftsmanship, as making each product by hand makes it unique. We love making kokedamas and gardens in a bowl and want to share the enjoyment of doing so with the rest of the world.

That's why we created the DIY packs, which contain all the necessary elements to create a kokedama or a garden in a bowl, along with instructions to follow so you can make them following the Omotesandō methodology.

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