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The most popular kokedamas of Omotesandō Plants

Top 5 kokedamas: most popular kokedamas

There are plants of all shapes and colors, and for all tastes! But we seem to have 5 favorites, which are the best sellers and are also plants that adapt very well to the kokedama.

We present them to you! They are the Ficus Ginseng, the Pachirathe Marginatathe Asparagus and Chamaedorea. When we started Omotesandō Plantswe were testing and researching to find the plants that best fit the moss ball format. We realized that these 5 plants are great to convert to kokedama.

Ficus Ginseng kokedama

The kokedama Ficus Ginseng looks like a small bonsai. What is most striking about this plant are its aerial roots in the form of irregular bulbs, which do not live underground but above the substrate. With proper care, your Ficus Ginseng will keep sprouting new leaves!


Pachira kokedama

The kokedama of Pachira also known as the money tree, is a very beautiful plant with large green leaves. Its main feature is the braided trunk, which gives it an exotic and elegant look. In addition, the Pachira is very resistant and grows very fast!


Marginata kokedama

The kokedama of Marginata is a bit slower growing, but the interesting thing is that it can become very wide when the leaves grow, which gives it a very special shape. Did you know that the Marginata is one of the best plants to clean the air in your house?

Marginata Kokedama - Omotesandō Plants

Asparagus kokedama

The kokedama of Asparagus is one of the most used plants to make kokedama. It is a wild plant that is well suited to this technique. Asparagus is often used for bouquets of flowers and to decorate any indoor corner.

Aspa Kokedama - Omotesandō Plants

Chamaedorea kokedama

The kokedama of Chamaedorea is one of the hardiest and easiest plants to care for. In fact, it can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Despite growing slowly, Chamaedorea can grow very tall!

Cham Kokedama - Omotesandō Plants

Here is a video with some of our top kokedamas! Don't hesitate to take a look at our website to find your favorite.