Heat-resistant kokedamas: tips for decorating in hot climates

Are you a kokedama lover and live in a hot area? Don't worry, there are options for creating heat-resistant kokedamas to decorate your home or garden.

For starters, it's important to choose plants that are resistant to high temperatures. Some options include succulents, lavender and cacti. Succulents are water-retentive plants that can survive in hot, arid climates, while lavender is a hardy plant that blooms in summer and requires little watering. On the other hand, cacti are an excellent choice for outdoor kokedama, as they have the ability to store water and can survive in drought conditions.

In addition to choosing heat-resistant plants, it is important to consider the soil and substrate mix that will be used to create the soil ball in the kokedama. A proper mix will retain the moisture needed to keep the plant's roots hydrated, but will prevent excessive water buildup that can be detrimental to the plant.

Once you have selected the plants and soil mix, it is time to create the kokedama. Choose a suitable location to place the kokedama, making sure it receives enough sunlight and water to keep the plant hydrated.

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