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What is a terrarium and how does it work?

Everything you need to know about everlasting gardens

Garden in a bowl is the name we have given to terrariums, that is, glass containers that hold plants inside. These compositions are like eternal gardens, small ecosystems inside which create a perfect microclimate for plants to develop and grow with minimal care, and they practically take care of themselves, they only need to be watered once a year!

How does a terrarium work?

Inside a closed terrarium, everything works like a small, well-synchronized ecosystem. The plants release humidity, generating condensation on the walls of the container, which then falls as dew on the substrate. This constant humidity inside the terrarium not only benefits the plants and microorganisms, but also promotes gas exchange.

In addition,the microorganisms break down the organic matter in the substrate, releasing gases such as carbon dioxide. This gas exchange not only affects the functioning of the terrarium, but also the air quality of the terrarium.

What is the origin of terrariums?

The origin of terrariums is accidental; Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward was an English doctor who, in order to analyze the hatching of chrysalises, enclosed butterflies in glass vases with soil at the base. In a short time, the seeds and spores in the soil began to sprout spontaneously.

Thus it was discovered that a terrarium was an ideal environment where plants could live and survive autonomously due to the water cycle of evaporation and condensation.

At Omotesandō Plants we make the terrariums in a handmade way and we have all sizes and shapes. In addition, the glass containers, both bowls and domes, are hand blown, which makes them the unique and elegant element to decorate any room. If you want to surprise someone with an original gift, don't hesitate to give an eternal garden, perfect for forgetful people who never remember to water their plants! Here is a video we have on Youtube with our Top 5 terrariums.