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Ficus Ginseng, the most successful kokedama

One of the favorite kokedamas of Omotesandō Plants

At Omotesandō Plants we love all of our kokedamas equally, but it's hard to be impartial and not have a favorite... The truth is that we have a winner! The most popular, the most sold, the most demanded. The Ficus Ginseng Kokedama is undoubtedly our right eye.

And no wonder! The Ficus Ginseng looks like a small bonsai, which gives it an oriental look very much in keeping with the kokedama technique. What is most striking about this plant are its aerial roots in the form of irregular bulbs, which do not live underground, but above the substrate. These roots grow from the branches vertically downwards and when they reach the ground they become trunks that act as pillars. Each sapling is different and has uniquely shaped roots, which makes it very special.

With evergreen leaves and dark green color, the Ficus Ginseng is a very grateful plant. It requires specific but easy care! Below you will find a summary of how to care for a Ficus Ginseng to keep your Ginseng looking green and healthy.

Where should I place my Ficus?

A Ficus Ginseng Kokedama will look good in any corner of your home, but it is crucial to choose a good site that respects the needs of the plant:

  • The room temperature should be between 18 and 22 ºC. Remember that it does not like sudden changes in temperature!
  • The Ficus needs to receive indirect sunlight. Direct light could damage it and dry it out, so be careful if you place it near a window.
  • Keep it away from heat sources such as radiators or heaters.
  • It is common for Ficus trees to shed and change their foliage as they adapt to a new environment. If you have just acquired a Ficus and you see that its leaves are falling off, don't worry, it is normal, the important thing is that new ones are sprouting!

How and when to water my Ficus Ginseng?

As the rest of kokedamas, the Ficus Ginseng should be watered by immersion, submerging the ball in a container of water up to the base of the trunk, so that the water does not touch the aerial roots and only impregnates the ball of substrate. It can be watered once a week, although it is best to be guided by the weight and humidity of the moss ball, the substrate should never dry out completely!

Here we leave you a video where we show how we make the Ficus Ginseng kokedama! If you want to see the rest of our models we have all of them in our website.