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Kokedamas as a decorative element

The best tips for decorating your home with kokedamas

The kokedamas They are the best way to decorate your home, it's like having a little piece of forest at home! There are infinite ways to place a kokedama to give that touch of green to your dining room or bedroom, it all depends on your style and your imagination!

Here are some ways to decorate a room with kokedamas.

Kokedamas de

Play with the base

Bases are important to protect the surface where we place the kokedama, especially right after watering the moss ball. If we were to place the wet kokedama on a piece of furniture, we would ruin it! However, apart from being practical, the bases are also aesthetic.

Their color and shape play a very important role. At Omotesandō Plants we have square black slate bases, which look great with light-colored plants such as spathiphyllum. We also have green or ocher round ceramic bases, which go great with green plants like the Jade tree.

In this link you will find all our Bases and Extras to find the ones you like the most!

On top of...

The most classic way to decorate with a kokedama is to put it on top of any surface. Of course, giving it its space to shine. You can put it on your bedside table, as a centerpiece in the dining room, among the books on a bookshelf, above the fireplace...

Suspended in the air

A fun way to decorate with kokedamas is to hang them from the ceiling. We recommend hanging more than one, preferably in groups of three, to give a greater visual effect. These compositions suspended in the air give a very different touch to a space and give a lot of life to the upper areas of the walls, sometimes so difficult to decorate.

For inspiration, you can take a look at the video clip You only need nylon and hooks!

In short, have a Pink Tillandsiaa green Jade tree or a red red Anthuriumyou can play with the colors and shapes of your kokedama and your home to decorate any space!